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Established since 1998

The Traditional Timber Window Company provides a range of window services in Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas.

We specialise in Sash Window repairs and renovation and also offer Double Glazing of your existing windows.

We have been repairing, renovating, replacing and upgrading windows and doors for over 20 years and have built up a strong reputation with a large and satisfied customer base.

Sash Windows

We can completely replace your existing Sash Windows but the majority of our work is replacing old sashes with new hardwood ones that incorporate a double glazed unit and leaving the existing frame in position. 

We will match your old sashes with regards to the feature mouldings and also use a putty shaped timber bead to give the windows that traditional feel. Once the new sashes are installed we also change the parting beads and staff bead and fully draught seal the window making any repairs needed to the existing frames.

Double Glazing

If you are looking to improve the thermal performance of your sash windows and reduce noise pollution then we can supply and fit double-glazed timber sashes to fit within your original box sash frame or Casement Window. This is a more cost effective and less disruptive process than replacing the whole of your window.

Our skilled craftsmen take great care to replicate the style and detail of your existing sashes so that they maintain the traditional character and architectural identity of your property. The thickness of the double glazed unit that is fitted depends upon the width of your existing sash box. In most cases a specialist 14mm Unit is used that encompasses an inert gas within the unit and a pane of low-emissivity glass, which reflects heat back into the room.

All of our new timber double-glazed sashes are finished with a range of traditional sash furniture and installed with the added benefits of our specialist Draught Proofing System.

Casement Windows

 The Traditional Timber Window Co casement windows are designed to be in keeping with your property and can be manufactured to either match the existing style of windows or to another design that would meet your requirements.
All installation work is carried out by our own craftsmen and done to meet building regulation standards. All windows would be supplied fully finished to an customer specified colour.

Excellent Craftsmenship

What We Offer

Whilst we specialise in working on Sash Windows we also repair, renovate and replace Casement Windows & Doors.


Repair and Replace

Our skilled craftsmen can repair or replace your existing windows, providing you with the satisfaction of safe, secure windows.



We can renovate your existing windows, restoring their original style and transforming your home with beautiful frames.


Heat Rentention

Our windows miantain the heat of your home, keeping you cool in Summer and warm throughout the Winter.


Noise Reduction

We can offer advice and install the best solutions to keep noise levels at a minimum, providing you with perfectly insulated homes.

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